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NEW! Lucky Ghost: Sex Griddle (2011)
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Lucky Ghost: Network Stars (2008)
45.2 minutes / 320 kbps mp3 / 96.1 mb

Lucky Ghost: Face of the Astronaut EP (2005)
18.6 minutes / 320 kbps mp3 / 39.2 mb

(formerly released under Aaron Hill & The Crimson Guard)

Conquistador: What's Up Fireball (2002)
Very elusive. Difficult to track down.
Sorry to say, you will not find it here either.
Not even if you CLICK THIS LINK.
40.6 minutes / 192 kbps mp3 / 56.1 mb

Lucky Ghost is:

Seth Berkowitz - Vocals, Bass
Jed Livingston - Guitar
Chris Miller - Drums
Mike Quoma - Guitar
Dave Stone - Keyboard

"Seth Berkowitz gently prods commonly used genres and musical styles - There`s a brilliantly comical stance with grey and sentimental overtones... Sex Griddle is a Pop-fest, the layered synth hooks and bright bass lines are more than a quick fix to the quintessential three minute Pop song - Defined and danceable, the story unfolds." -Mojophenia

"Basically what we’re getting here is excellent power pop from a genuinely great songwriter. It becomes clear quite soon that he is one of the few contemporary artists that have the rare gift to write songs that are impossible to forget. Lucky Ghost have a pop sensibility not unlike that of the Cars back in the late Seventies and early Eighties, but tweak it just so that it makes sense for the new millennium."



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